Thistle Farms is the largest social-enterprise employing women survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction. Formed in 1997, the residential program offers women survivors a peaceful place where they can experience transformative, sustainable recovery through two years of rent-free housing, healthcare, counseling, employment, and community building. 

To help residents and graduates become financially independent, Thistle Farms’ social enterprise was started - a natural bath and body company where the women manufacture, sell and market the products. What started with one candle in a church kitchen has grown into a national brand that produces more than 20 different product lines.

Additionally, the Café at Thistle Farms is a restaurant and special event space located at the heart of West Nashville. Run by survivors, the Café serves locally-sourced breakfast, lunch, and Nashville’s only daily tea service. In addition, they offer an array of options and services for special events.

I have found great personal healing and freedom by the time I’ve spend with the women of Thistle Farms and I am passionate about introducing others to this very impactful organization.

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